Roots N Fruits Cafe & Luna's Lounge
at Finca Mystica

 Our intimate and friendly kitchen offers most likely some of the freshest foods you have ever eaten.  Most of our ingredients either come from our farm or within the village grown from our neighbors.  We try to offer the traveler a little bit of everything from basic nica dishes to to other international dishes.  Our focus is to be concious of our ingredients and offer a healthy meal made with love. We are always learning new things to do with all the wonderful things that grow in the tropics.  We try to suit all diets from vegans to meat eaters. Our kitchen opens early for Breakfast and serves food all day through dinner.  Luna's Lounge offers Beer, wine and cocktails throughout the evening.   Breakfast dishes  run from $3.50 to 4.75,  Lunch from $4 to 5,  Dinner is $5 to 7.25. All meals are made from scratch !  


 Homemade raw chocolate, ginger beer, wines and more

Try our tasty baked goods, fresh bread and pizza from our earth oven

Locally grown house
roasted organic coffee

100 % fruit smoothies and juices

popcorn, pb & j's and more comfort snacks

unique mixed drinks,the finest rums, wines and ice cold beer

great mix of music

Serving a mix of Nicaraguan, International, and Vegetarian dishes

Restaurant hours 7 : 15 am-8:00pm

Luna's Lounge 7:15 am-10:00 pm

Roots N Fruits Cafe & Luna's Lounge
El Congo, Isla de Ometepe