Our communities needs

Our community in Ometepe is very rich with family life, great soil and climate, but also very poor when it comes to money and resources.  Angela and I are blessed to live in a village surounded by beautiful people, but sometimes we also feel helpless for what we can offer.  Our intention is to help give back to this community anyway that we can.
      We are hoping to help start a community center that can be used for meetings, clubs, research center, seed exchange, a tourist info center and more.  The idea would be to have the whole community get involved with this project using Natural building materials found on or close by the site.  Even though alot of the materials would be free or cheap, thier is still alot of costs for rebar, cement, roof materials, nails, etc... 
    Our community in Merida and San Ramon also is lacking a park for kids to play and people to sit and talk. The land for the park is already in place, but the finances are not.
    There are a couple of good schools with caring teachers and eager to learn students, but alot of these kids can't afford to buy uniforms, notebooks, shoes, backpacks, pens or pencils and the schools don't have to many resources to better assit the teachers and students alike such as books, computers, and some funds for internet connection.
    As far as sports go, Nicaraguans love to play thier baseball.  Soccer and basketball are also starting to gain popularity as well with leagues and teams all over the island.  The problem though, is a lack of equipment and funds for gas for the teams to travel to other villages to play.
    If anyone would like to help out in anyway, whether it is donating a small amount of money, teaching english, sending us your old sports equipment, bikes, clothes, etc or giving us ideas to be able to help out further please contact us........and remember, please come down and see for yourself where your contributions have gone or give them yourselves or participate in teaching english or helping to build a park or center

                 A list of Items that would be much appreciated are :

School Supplies : backpacks, notebooks, pens, pencils books in spanish or for learning english, kids dress shoes, calculaters, etc...

Sports Equipment :  Baseball gloves for adults and kids, bats, balls, helmets, knee pads, shin guards, cleats, soccor balls, footballs, frisbees, volly balls, nets for sports, Bikes, etc....

Clothes of any kind ( think summer ) that do not have holes or stains, shoes, hats, rain jackets, and head lamps would get a lot of use here.

Seeds, tools, books in spanish

If you would like to make a financial donation for a specific group ( school, sports, center ) please contact us.

100 % of all donations will go straight to the the community !

Thanks for your support

Finca Mystica
Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua