Accomadations & Rates

We have 2 round cob cabins. 1 cabin has 1 full sized bed, the other has 2 full sized beds. They both have a private bathroom w/ shower, table, lamp, night stand, fan, a porch with chairs or hammocks that  have views of the lake and forest, plus a private flower garden 

US $38  per night/1- 2 people
US $2 additional person
           4 person maximum

We offer 2 hand sculpted cob rectangle shaped cabins that can sleep up to 3 people. They both feature a full size and single bed, private bathroom w/ shower, table, lamp,  nightstand, and a porch with chairs and views of the lake and volcano, plus private flower gardens.

 US $ 38 per  night   / 1-2 people
       $ 2 additional person   
           3 person maximum
  All our cabins were built using Cob, an ancient technique using soil, sand, rice straw, and horse manure found or grown on our land or within a half of mile. We take these materials and mix them all together really good with our feet and sculpt the  cabins onto the solid foundation that is reinforced with rebar. The wood was harvested from our land or from our neighbors in a very sustainable way. We use recycled bottles into our walls for light and design. These cabins were built with lot's of love and sweat by Ryan, Angela and our wonderful local workers and friends !
  Our spacious Communal Cob Cabana features 5  matrimonial beds each with a fan, a table and a mosquito net.  This extra large cabin has  2 detached bathrooms, 2 showers, porch, garden and a personal locker for your valuables.  This is a great  option for solo travelers, families or couples who want a cheaper, but comfortable option.
1 person = $13 per night
1 couple, 1 bed = $21 per night
Rent out the whole cabin = $70 per night (max 10 people )

Payment Options

Guests can pay for accomodations and services at Finca Mystica in the following forms:

    -Nicaraguan Cordobas (preferred option)
    -US Dollars in perfecto  condition
    -PayPal (5% trannsaction fee applies)

Please contact us to reserve space before your arrival. Payment is due upon departure.

*Please do not use the payment button below until your reservation has been confirmed.

* Please note that these prices include tax.  Breakfast is not included. *

* Sorry we are not able to reserve specific cabins, but we can try if requested *

* At this time, we do not require a deposit for bookings.  However, if you need to cancel please let us know at least 10 days in advance.  One cancellation can greatly affect our small business *